Places to visit in Dholpur

Dholpur is a city in the eastern part of Rajasthan state. It will be worth a visit to the city. You can reach to the city from any state; it is well connected with other city through bus and train.  You have so many places to visit in Dholpur.

Tourist Places in Dholpur

Machkund Temple

Machkund Temple

The city is full of historical places, there are so many historical places, yet it will be a nice trip. Have you ever heard about the “Machkund Temple”? It is an ancient sacred place which directs a panoramic view.  The name may be peculiar for you; the place got its name after Raja Machkund, the nineteenth generation of Suryawanshi dynasty before, Lord Rama.  The temple has a tank surrounded by a series of temple.

History of Dholpur in Hindi

There is a Sikh Gurudwara near the temple,Sher Shikar Gurudwara” which gives you a chance to explore the history of Sixth Sikh Guru Hargobind Sahib ji.

Sher Shikar Gurudwara

Sher Shikar Gurudwara

“Nihal tower” was constructed by Nihal Singh, after got his full rights in 1905. He was the son of Rana Ram Singh, the ruler of the city; his son was ascended to his throne after his death in 1901.

Shergarh Fort Dholpur

Shergarh Fort is at a distance of 3 km from Nihal Tower, it is a historical fort, constructed by Sher Shah Suri on the site of Hindu fortress.

Damoh Waterfall Dholpur

The “Chopra Shiv Temple” is an example of outstanding architecture of the 18th century. As the name indicates, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Machkund Temple Dholpur

When you will move towards Bari, there is a Buddha Temple called “Sant Nager”.  And “Damoye” is a waterfall in Sarmathura that offers a wildlife picturesque scene in monsoon with a lush green forest.  There are some other scenic places like Talab –e – Shahi which was initially a shooting lodge of Shah Jahan, Ravines of Chambals, these all places are rich with forest greenery and wild animals.

You have all in one pool; you can enjoy the wildlife, historical monuments, and temples.

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