Holiday Destinations In Chennai

Please don’t take the hot and sunny day seriously because if you take it seriously you will miss the lot of enjoyment. Yeah, this city has a hot weather but full of joy. So come out, must go to enjoy your holidays. “Chennai” is the capital of Tamil Nadu, located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is the thirty sixth largest urban areas in the world. It was formerly called Madras and it is also known as “Detroit of India” It is center of temples, historical places, beaches, and culture.

“Marina Beach” is near to Fort St. George at a distance of 13 km. It is the largest natural urban beach in the country and second largest in the world. It is the most crowded beach. Watching the sun rise and set in the morning and in the evening is a tremendous experience. The sun looks on the voyage meeting to the earth and the waves comes to the shore with a breezy echo makes the scene very beautiful and quite romantic. This is a perfect click scene. Except this, the horse riding and walking slowly on the shore is very joyful. When the waves touches on your feet you will feel pleased. Unfortunately, swimming and bathing is not allowed because of the dangers.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach

Fort St. George founded in 1644 and it is the first British fortress in India. It was founded for the East India Company trading activities. Currently, it serves for the legislative assembly of the state. It still houses a garrison of troops in transit to various locations of South India and Andamans. The fort is maintained and administered by the Archaeological Survey of India. St. Marry’s church is the oldest Anglican Church in India, built in1678 to 1680.  It has oldest British tombstone in its graveyard in the country.

Tourist Places in Chennai For Lovers

           The fort museum exhibits so many items from the period of the British rule, it was completed in 1795. There are so many relics reminders are exhibits in the museum. The objects such as coins, weapons, medals, uniforms of India, England, and Scotland take you back to the colonial   period. The National Flag of India, which was designed by Pingali Venkayyaand, which was first flown after independence stored in the museum. The visitors are allowed to see but not touch and photography.

Wellesley House, named as Richard Wellesley, is a building which has banquet hall, which have so many paintings of the Governor of the Fortress, the canon of Tipu Sultan. The museum has many more things which you never about or seen ever before. It is so fascinating. You will be surprised to see the historical things here.

Entertainment Places in Chennai

Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Centre for Herpetology is a reptile zoo and herpetology research center. It may be you will scare to go the wild reptiles, but believe it or not it’s really an awesome place, you will be regret if you don’t go to this place. This place is found to conserve the reptiles and breeding.  It provides the best climate and water supply and other facilities for the animals. It is the first crocodile breeding center in Asia. It has 14 crocodile species, 10 turtles, 3 snakes, and 1 of lizard. It is over 2000 animals. It gives the complete forest atmosphere. You will see the three Indian species such as mugger, saltwater and gharial crocodile. You must visit you will enjoy this.

While visit to Chennai you must taste the local cuisine such as idaly, upma, appam, rasam etc. you will love to visit these places. You can also shopping from here and don’t forget to takes photographs.

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